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Find How to Save Money by Turning Off or Down Your Heat at Night

You can turn off or down your heat at night to save money, but before you do this there are some steps to take to make the process more efficient. If you live in a climate that gets any sort of winter, such as a northeastern, Midwest, or state in the central part of the US, you probably find yourself grumbling over exorbitant heating bills for a good portion of the year. There are plenty of expensive strategies for beating those winter monthly dues, such as double-paned windows, adding insulation, and sealing cracks. However all of that is expenses.

For those lacking the capital, it's possible to save money simply by turning down the heat at night. Are you worried about freezing? Here's why you will still be comfortable, even when the heat is turned off. This can even work for the more mild states that have less of a winter.

Get the Proper Clothing to Sleep in as Well as Blankets

For example, you don't need to heat a home when you have a down blanket. When in bed, do you really need your kitchen or rooms no one is in to be a comfortable 70-72 degrees? This wastes electricity and money. You don't, so stop wasting energy and driving up your heating bill.

Focus on the action of sleeping. Invest in a down blanket, and if you need some extra warmth, use a hot water bottle or electric sheets, both of which are cheaper than running the heat all night for the majority of the home no one is in. You'll be just as snug, without paying to heat your entire home. Set your heating timer to start working when you get up.





Cheap Insulation Goes a Long Way

Maybe you can't come up with the $10 to 20K quote you got for installing double-paned windows. That doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to a heat-leaking, drafty house.

Follow some basic energy saving tips. Tape bubble wrap over your windows so you can save heat when you turn down the thermometer. Hang heavy curtains. Place draft stoppers by every door to cut back on utility bills. You'll be amazed at how much insulation you can add to your home on a tight budget. These measures will help your home retain heat for hours into the night. If you can’t afford it, then look into LIHEAP for energy improvements.

Use a Space Heater or Heat Fan at Night

These are much more targeted, and cheaper to use, than running a furnace or HVAC unit. You can keep one in your bedroom to blow heat just where you sleep. But be safe when using them. Using one of these units will allow you to turn off (or turn way down) the heat to the balance of your home or apartment. Read more on how to select a great space heater.

Colder Weather Actually Helps You Sleep Better

Recent sleep studies have shown that temperature might have just as much to do with circadian rhythms as light levels. Colder weather actually triggers melatonin production, and many people find they get longer, deeper, more fulfilling sleep if they keep their room slightly cold. There are also some (disputed) studies that it is better for your overall health. By shutting off your heat at night, you can save money on utility bills and even improve the quality of your sleep.

Use a Programmable Thermostat at Night to Save on Nightime Heating Bills

You can program it in intervals, so the heat is “higher” when you first go to sleep then it goes way down (or off) in the middle of the night. This can save you tons of money each winter. Then set it up so before you wake the temperature starts to go back up, warming the house. A thermostat may only cost $50 or so, and the investment is worth it to save money on your utility bills.





You Have the Ability to Wear a Sweater or Warm Clothes

Many people operate under the assumption that indoor temperatures must be an even 70 to 72 degrees all year round. This assumption is false. You can have a very high quality of life in a much cooler house, provided you dress for it, which is really not that hard. In short, if you're cold, put on a sweater or warm pajamas (flannel!) before touching the thermostat.

Easing up on home heating at night, when you are sleeping, can have massive savings without seriously affecting your quality of life. Turning down your heat at night is the most effective way to reduce your heating bills and to save money because you are less likely to be using the majority of space in your house, and because cold weather may actually help you sleep better.


By: Jon McNamara


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