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Get help and financial assistance in Arkansas with electric and utility bills.

There are ways to get assistance with paying your utility bill in Arkansas. They include below. There are energy bill assistance programs offered by the state, the federal government as well as each utility company that operates there. The resources include everything from credit on an utility bill to payment plans as well as free conservation measures. More information on each option in Arkansas is below.

Government programs in Arkansas for paying utility bills or saving energy

LIHEAP and weatherization are available in Arkansas. One provides direct financial aid to pay heating, air conditioning, or electric bills. The other helps very low income families save money by adding free conservation measures to their home. The federal and state of Arkansas programs are run by community action agencies in all cities, including Little Rock, Fort Smith, and others.

Assistance from local utility companies

Entergy Arkansas
They provide a sales tax exemption on the first 500 kWh that residents use each month. You must be qualified for assistance based upon your income. Also, annually during May, thousands of fans are distributed to customers who live in the Entergy service area.

Entergy also offers Project Deserve and Power to Care, which is funded by employee, customer, and stockholder donations. It provides emergency crisis assistance for paying utility bills by using a cash payment. All funds can only be used towards the household's monthly electric bill. Read more.





American Electric Power - The Neighbor to Neighbor assistance fund helps those families in need with paying heating and utility bills. A focus is on seniors and vulnerable Arkansas families. Read more.

Arkansas Valley Electric - A Round Up Service is available to help low income customers pay their cooling, electric, and energy bills. There are also payment delays or abatements and assistance offered in partnership with local DHS offices in Arkansas, namely LIHEAP. More on Arkansas Valley Electric Round Up.

Arkansas Western Gas - Hearts Warming Homes
This program provides heating bill assistance to customers in North Central, Northwest, and Northeast Arkansas. The assistance program will operate annually from November to April and provides grants based upon need and not just strict income guidelines. More information.

Arkansas Western Gas - Hearts Warming Homes provides cash grants that are based upon a families need and not on strict income guidelines. Funds can help with paying utility and energy bills. There are other resources too. Read more.

CenterPoint Energy - Offers a Good Neighbor Fuel Fund which will offer additional heating and utility bill assistance, above and beyond what LIHEAP may provide. This is a donation service that uses the Lending a Helping Hand concept. Click here.

Empire District Electric Company - Empire's Action to Support the Elderly (EASE) Program
This program provides security deposit and late fee waivers for seniors who are age 60 and older, and help is also available for disabled customers. Project Help is another assistance program offered to senior citizens. Read about additional Empire District utility assistance programs.





Empire District Electric Company - Empire's Action to Support the Elderly Program, know as EASE. This assistance program provides security deposit and late fee waivers for disabled customer as well as seniors age 60 and older.

Empire Electric also offers Project Help. This is a donation program that can help pay utility bills in a crisis. There are many conditions that need to be met. More information.

First Electric Cooperative has a Round Up program as well. Monthly utility and energy bills are rounded up the next highest dollar amount. Those funds are then given to qualified low income customers to help pay their home utility costs. More on First Electric Cooperative utility bill help.

Source Gas - Thousands of customers from this energy company receive financial assistance and cash grants every year. They also partner with local non-profits and community action agencies. Programs can assist in an emergency and they also offer energy conservation programs to the low income. Learn more.


By: Jon McNamara



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