Utility Bill Assistance


Atmos Energy Colorado Sharing Warmth utility assistance

One of the resources available in the Colorado service territory of Atmos Energy is the Sharing the Warmth program. This community wide donation program collects money from families and businesses across the region. The contributions are then used to help a small number of qualified customers pay a portion of their utility bills, with a focus on heating costs.

Atmos Energy Sharing the Warmth can be thought of as a neighbor helping neighbor service. This means that the cash that is donated to it will stay in the local community. The funds will be targeted at paying utility and heating bills for families in the immediate region.

This means that the program can make a difference, maybe in your own town or city. There are stories in which a senior citizen with a medical emergency has been able to keep their power on as a result of this service. Parents with a sick child, customers impacted by a sudden death in the family, and many others have received utility bill assistance from Atmos Energy Sharing the Warmth in the past.

Donations are always needed. Any person or business that contributes will normally be able to receive a deduction on their states. This means that the net effect of how much they donate will be lower than the actual cash outlay.

Any dollar amount is accepted by the Colorado operations of Atmos Energy Sharing the Warmth. There can be one time or recurring contributions. The money can be donated at any time as well. All of the money will go for utility bills of screened clients. The applicant needs to be facing a hardship, and the program terms will ensure that only the most qualified are assisted.

Atmos Energy customers in Colorado facing a one time crisis can apply to Sharing the Warmth for assistance. The program will only pay for a portion of what is due to the company. The household will need to come up with the balance. They also need to keep up with future energy costs that are billed to them.




When applying for Atmos Energy Sharing the Warmth, customers will need proof. There should have information on all household members as well. This includes identification, residency, income, and any number of other factors. Only after a close review has been done will there be possibility of receive assistance with energy bills.

As noted, only a small number of households may be able to get help as part of this service. Since it relies on donations, as well as occasional matching grants from Atmos Energy in Colorado , this is a program of limited size. However, even if someone is denied help, or if funds run out, then they may be given referrals to other options.

Atmos Energy Sharing the Warmth is only one option in the community. For families facing a longer term hardship with their utility bills, they may be better off using government aid. Some of the programs range from LIHEAP to many others. In fact, the assistance from Sharing the Warmth may also be combined with other Colorado government programs too. For more information, call 1-866-HEAT-HELP.