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Atmos Illinois Share the Warmth utility bill donations

Customers and businesses donate to the Share the Warmth program in Illinois, and Atmos Energy will often make matching grants to it. All money raised is used by struggling families as a form of assistance for their winter heating bills, and this is one of the main resources from Atmos for struggling customers in their service territory.

Using the generosity of both individuals and businesses across Illinois, Share the Warmth will often collect hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations each year. Then, Atmos itself may decide to match some or all of those funds, thereby greatly increasing the scope of the program. It is a great way for people to give back to their community and to assist individuals that are not as well off.

Anyone can donate, and any dollar amount is greatly appreciated. Some people will donate a dollar or two two each month on their monthly bills, others will round up their payment to the next full dollar amount. Atmos will also accept one time contributions as well. While each person''s situation will vary, in general the contributions will be tax deductible, both on federal and state of Illinois returns.

Then, based on the dollar amounts in question, the management team at Atmos Energy may decide to match the funds raised in Illinois. It could be a few percent, or they can match them up to 100%. It will depend on funding and other factors. In addition, Atmos corporate has often made extra payments, on their own, and over the years the company has contributed millions of dollars for assisting with utility bills.

When seeking assistance, most of the money is disbursed during the cold Illinois winter. There may be funds for heating or gas bills, and Atmos will ensure only the most deserving get the money. This is not intended to be some form of entitlement program that anyway can benefit from. But instead assistance is for seniors, those in a one time crisis, and the truly needy.

Atmos Energy will also partner with other non-profits on the application process. So there are multiple sets of eyes screening and ensuring the utility bill assistance is only for a true crisis.






For those that qualify, Share the Warm can assist with the payment of a month’s heating or electric bill, depending on many factors. The representative of the agency that is disbursing the funds delivers payment, or partial payment, to Atmos Energy. It is given to the company and not the customer, as Atmos then credits the individual’s account for the payment. So in other words, cash is not given to the household, and this helps reassure people that do donate their hard earned income to it.

To learn more or to apply for assistance, call the provide or a local agency or office in Illinois. Or contact them to make a tax-deductible contribution. Refer to the Share the Warmth program, and applications will then be provided to those that meet income and other conditions.


By: Jon McNamara


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