Utility Bill Assistance


City of Longmont COPE utility bill assistance

In an effort to help struggling customers, including the elderly, pay their utility bills, City of Longmont partners with the community on offering the COPE service. This program, which relies on donations as well as local fund raisers, assists with COPE various energy needs. It is short term, only helps in a crisis, but the donations can be used for everything from gas to heating or electric costs.

City of Longmont COPE is a community type service. This in effect means it relies on contributions to keep it running. There are various local groups that participate with raising money, including the following.

-Private households donate on a one-off or recurring basis.
-Fund raisers are held by the community, including charities, social service groups, churches, etc.
-Employees and management at City of Longmont also often donate.
-United Way may allow some grant money to go towards it.
-Matching contributions come from the City of Longmont company itself.
So the money comes from various places. All of the utility bill assistance from City of Longmont COPE stay local, and it is a regional service that is only available for customers. Donors get tax deductions and other benefits if their finances allow for it.

If the applicant does not get their utility service from the company then they can't qualify. This is mainly done as it is after all a donation service, and generally people do not want to contribute any of their hard earned money to some program that does not benefit the local community. So donations stay local and may even help a struggling neighbor.

One time financial assistance

All of the information above gives some background on how people (or companies) contribute to the service. But as noted at the end of the day, City of Longmont COPE is intended to help struggling customers pay their utility bills. The section below provides some more details on how to go about doing that.






First, the financial aid is only for low income customers in an emergency. Most have a one time crisis, but need to desperately keep their power on for some other reason. Such as a senior who needs to power up medical equipment or maybe a new parent with a baby. Or maybe a donation can be used to help a sick elderly person stay cool during the hot summer. So utility bill help is for emergencies for exceptional circumstances.

All applicants need proof of income. This should also include details on benefits from LIHEAP, information on income from their job (of all household members), and more. Since City of Longmont COPE is a result of donations, the goal is to ensure only the most “deserving” get support. As the funds are so limited.

Only a portion of a utility bill will be-paid in most cases. Once again this is the result of limited funds in COPE due to said contributions indicated above. If more substantial assistance is needed, then the company may be able to offer referrals. As some customers may in fact be better served by LHEAP, weatherization, or some other type of federal or state of Colorado program.

For more details on City of Longmont COPE, dial 303-772-5529 to reach a representative.