Utility Bill Assistance


City of Loveland Water and Power Department HAND utility bill assistance

City of Loveland Water and Power Department HAND is a customer initiated assistance program that uses donations in an effort to help households with their utility bills. The company accepts contributions from the community, and these funds are then directed towards struggling individuals in the service area.

There are three main components to the aid provided by HAND, or Help a Neighbor in Distress. They are as follows, and more details are noted below on each of them. First, it involves collecting donations from the community. Second, the money is used to provide assistance so customers in a crisis can keep their lights or heat on. Lastly, the Loveland Water and Power Department HAND programs also directs the individual to long term relief, such as from LIHEAP.

The donation process is critical to this. Without the generous, tax deductible contributions from members of the community or businesses in Colorado, then the program would not even operate. There are hundreds of people that contribute either monthly using a round up concept, or they make one time contributions throughout the year. The company itself also tends to allocate some funds to keep it operating.

The customer service team at City of Loveland Water and Power can provide more information on how this part of Loveland Water and Power Help a Neighbor in Distress works. The contribution not only helps keep the power on by paying a utility bill of someone less fortunate (such as a senior or sick parent), but it also is a way to give back.

Secondly, City of Loveland Water and Power Department HAND is also, at the end of the day, an assistance program. The money collected from those donations indicated above is collected and used by House of Neighborly Services (which runs the service) and local non-profits for paying utility bills in a very small number of families. It is only short term relief, and not a long term solution.

The application process will involve proof of need, income, and hardship to be provided. The funds also focus on seniors or maybe a home with a sick child living in it. There needs to be some exceptional reason why the customer is struggling to begin with, as not everyone will qualify for financial help from the program.

The last part of City of Loveland Water and Power Department HAND is of course referrals. Since any aid provided is very limited, the customer will need some other assistance to keep their utilities on over the long term. This is when the company will direct the client to programs such as LIHEAP.




Those who do donate to help the less fortunate want their contribution to only address an emergency. Almost no one wants to assist a struggling household indefinitely. People work hard for their income, and while they tend to be OK with helping paying some of a heating bill here or there for say someone that is elderly, long term support is often needed. This is the reason the third step of City of Loveland Water and Power is referring people to other programs is critical.

Help a Neighbor in Distress (HAND) has been up and running for many years by the team at City of Loveland Water and Power. Other groups also often help raise money or provide information on it. For more information on how this works, either by donating or applying for help, call the House of Neighborly Services at 970-962-2111. The caller will be directed to a resource for their needs.