Utility Bill Assistance


Connecticut Natural Gas assistance programs

The energy provider offers customers a number of services to assist them with paying their monthly utility and gas bills. The resources include the Matching Payment Plan, WRAP, and negotiated payment plans. They also fully support the statewide Operation Fuel program. Read more on each financial assistance program below.

Receive help with winter heating bills from the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). This program is funded by the federal government, and fully supported by Connecticut Natural Gas. You will need to call your local community action agency for more information or to apply. Applications are accepted at those offices.

Matching Payment Plan (MPP) - Qualified low income and senior customers may qualify for matching funds to pay their bills. Individuals who qualify for matching funds from CNG will have around an additional $2 applied towards their bill for every dollar paid to the Company. Customers must receive energy assistance from government programs or CNG in order to be eligible. Basically what this program means is that you pay a portion towards your bill, then the energy assistance program pays a portion and we pay a portion.  Bottom line is that qualified customers may have to pay for only about one-third of your gas heating expense if you qualify, so customers can get substantial assistance from the program.. 

WRAP - An energy conservation program. WRAP will assist gas customers with reducing the amount of their energy bills.  Conservation measures provide by WRAP (or weatherization) include caulking, weather stripping, insulation, and pipe wrap.

Connecticut Natural Gas Payment Arrangements - Call them to speak to a customer service representative. You will need to provide information on your hardship or crisis. Certain qualified customers may have special payment arrangements established on their account. All discussions are confidential, and call as soon as you think you may need assistance on your bills.

Operation Fuel - A state of Connecticut energy assistance program. Grants are provided for working poor and very low income families. Read more.

Call Connecticut Natural Gas at (860) 727-3034 to apply or learn more about any of these programs.