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Get assistance from Operation Fuel. 

Last year, a utility and heating bill assistance program in Connecticut known as Operation Fuel provided over $6 million in emergency energy bill assistance through its statewide network of energy banks and charities. Almost 15,000 families in Connecticut received some form of aid.

The Operation Fuel program is thankful that the Connecticut state legislature have approved over $1 million for additional energy bill assistance for low income households, the elderly, disabled and others. The organization will do its best to get the money out in time to keep countless households from losing their utility or heating service according to the director of Operation Fuel. The state legislature has committed to keep the program running, and provide additional funds as needed.

The Operation Fuel organization partners with a network of over 100 charities, fuel banks, and non-profit organizations, and together these groups work quickly to assist low income households with preventing utility shutoffs and they will also negotiate and work out payment plans with their utility providers.

The program continues to expand. Just last quarter the Operation Fuel organization has given out nearly $1.75 million in emergency energy bill assistance grants. The payments are made directly to utility, gas and oil companies, and the companies therefore will pay the outstanding utility bills for Connecticut households that are in financial crisis, or that have experienced a job loss or medical emergency.

What is Operation Fuel? They are a private, non-profit statewide program that provides emergency utility bill assistance throughout the state of Connecticut to lower and middle income working families, the elderly and disabled individuals who are in financial crisis. the assistance is targeted for those people who have exhausted other state or federal government benefits and programs. The primary goal of Operation Fuel is to help Connecticut’s vulnerable and poor residents stay safe, warm, and healthy in their homes or apartments. For more information, go to www.operationfuel.org,. You can apply there as well.


By: Jon McNamara



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