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CWLP Project Relief heating bill assistance donations

With a focus on heating bills, the CWLP Project Relief donation program will help families in a crisis. Money is raised from the community, both individuals and businesses, and all the funds go to help the less fortunate and people facing a crisis that are out of options. The goal is to help families in a one time crisis with their heating bills during the cold winter months.

As noted, Project Relief relies on donations. There are years in which CWLP may be short in its annual program, and there will be a call to the larger community to contribute. Every single dollar makes a difference, and the money will go to the less fortunate and it will stay in the local Springfield community. The company relies strictly on donations from local residents for paying their bills.

Another objective is help families facing a crisis. The contributions will be used to make sure the energy provider can help as many people as possible during the winter months.  A tax deductible donation can be made as a one-time offering by check or USPS money order or a monthly addition to your CWLP bill.

A main benefit of this program is the contribution does not pay administrative or other costs. In other words, one hundred percent of any donation from a business or individual will go toward helping a needy CWLP customer that is out of options.

When there is funding, the project may allow a struggling family to keep their heat on, or maybe keep a senior citizen warm during the winter. There is aid for those who are facing service cut-off due to nonpayment. So various needs can be met.

Any assistance from Project Relief is limited and is a last resort. CWLP will normally begin to accept applications in December of each year. Low income guidelines based on poverty are in effect, and the applicants need to have applied for other programs first, whether LIHEAP or funds from a charity. The person also needs to pay a portion of the bill on their own as well.






To apply or learn more, people need to call (217) 789-2414 in order to reach the CWLP Project RELIEF Office, and the address is Room 101, Municipal Center West, 300 S. 7th Street. The coordinator of the program or a customer service representative will conduct a telephone interview with the client to determine if they meet the basic requirements, and a referral to Contact Ministries may be provided too. All money paid out is first come and served to families that qualify.



By: Jon McNamara


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