Utility Bill Assistance


Fort Collins Utilities Utilities Payment Plan assistance

When in a crisis, and after all federal LIHEAP funds and other local charity programs have been used up, the Fort Collins Utilities payment plan program may be able to assist with paying energy bills. This service, which is paid for using donations from individuals as well as Fort Collins Utilities, is yet one may way to potentially get some funds for paying utility bills.

There are times when someone is in a crisis. Maybe they have always paid their energy bills on time in the past, but their circumstances have changed due to some family or financial crisis. Thanks to the generosity of others, there may be some ways to get help if/when this occurs.

As noted, Fort Collins Utilities Payment Plan is for last resort only. The customer that needs help for paying their energy bills needs to have done everything else in their power to address the issue. For example, they should have started to conserve their power by ensuring lights are off and the heat has been turned down. The customer should have applied for government aid first, and explored local non-profits as well as charity organizations for aid.

Only when everything possible has been done, only then may the customer apply for the Fort Collins Utilities Payment Plan donation service. The assistance, when it is available is used to keep the customers heat and electricity on for a little more time. But the catch is the amount of assistance given is small. The aid is short term in nature, but it can provide the person more time to get the additional help they need.

Donate or apply to Fort Collins Utilities Payment Plan

As the title indicates, the program accomplishes two things. One is that it allows people to give back to their community by donating. The contribution is not only tax-deductible, but the money goes to the most deserving. The second accomplishment is the plan is used to keep the electricity on. So if someone is sick, in the hospital, or has a short term crisis, maybe their power will not be turned off during that timeframe.






Donate – Any dollar amount is appreciated. Individuals, businesses, or even local non-profits can contribute on a one time or recurring monthly basis by rounding up their utility bill. Other donations come from employees (even management) at Fort Collins Utilities Payment Plan.

The company will also match these donations each year. This helps not only encourage people to contribute, but it also allows even more customers to get the help they need. For example, if the contributions are matched up to some dollar amount by Fort Collins Utilities, then those funds will also be paid out for  any energy bill need.

Apply for help – For more details, call the company or stop by a local non-profit agency. In general, the applicant needs proof of income, residency, identification, copy of LIHEAP benefits (or denied application to them), and more. The should also be information (in writing) of all the requests made to local charities.

When found qualified, a few dollars may be given for paying utility bills. While it is not much, the funds can sometimes make a difference between having the power immediately turned off or in keeping the lights on for a few more days. So these donations can be effective in some instances.

For more details on Fort Collins Utilities Payment Plan call 211 to reach the customer service team. They can review the donation and application process.