Utility Bill Assistance


Fort Collins utility bill donation and assistance program

Using donations from the community, thousands of low income families from Fort Collins have received assistance with paying their heating and utility bills over the years. The city has established a program that individuals can turn to when they are faced with a hardship.

The Utilities' Payment Assistance Fund is the main resource available. It is administered in partnership with various non-profit and charity organizations. They collect donations and provide assistance to income qualified families across the region.

Too many residents of Fort Collins are struggling and need help paying their energy bills. Using donations from people, energy companies and businesses in the community, the Payment Assistance Fund was created in an effort to help. However it can’t keep up with the demand. Most of the aid is going to those that are most at risk facing a disconnection, such as families with children, the elderly, or disabled. While the goal is to assist everyone who needs it, the reality is that is not possible due to limited funding.

Please do donate if you can. It help the community meet the demand for assistance. Anyone can make a one-time or recurring donation. They can always change the amount they give or cancel any future contributions as well. As just a small example, a donation of about $13 per month or around $160 per year will help keep the power on for a family for an entire year. Also, in almost all cases, your contribution will be tax deductible.

If you need assistance on paying your bills, then you can only receive support at most once per year. Most of the assistance is for customers with a disconnection notice on their account. For more information, dial 970-484-5010. An appointment will need to be scheduled and your overall financial situation will need to be evaluated.





As part of the application process, a representative will review information on your account and financial situation. If found to be qualified, and if funds are available, then a credit will be placed on your utility account.

Other conditions include account holder need to still pays a portion of the overdue amount, funds and donations are targeted at those with a disconnection, and money is very limited.
In order to donate or apply for help, call the city office or stop by 117 N. Mason St. or 700 Wood St., Fort Collins, CO 80522-0580. Or for more information on applications, call 970-484-5010.