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MidAmerican Energy Company I CARE utility bill assistance

MidAmerican Energy Company as well as the community work together to raise money for I CARE, and this is done in an effort to help low income families with their utility bills. It is a community-wide effort that relies on donations from not only the company itself, but also individuals and businesses that live in Illinois.

The program is a Neighbor to Neighbor service in that the funds contributed to it stay local. Donations will not go to help some resident in another state or part of the country, but rather it may in fact help keep the electricity on for someone in the same town or that even lives on the same street. This type of set up is powerful in that it makes a difference in the lives of a nearby, struggling household.

MidAmerican Energy Company I CARE donations can be made in any dollar amount. The highest need for contributions is during the winter months, when it is often more expensive to keep the heat on. This is even more true for people that live on a limited, fixed income. The program has assisted senior citizens, the sick who collect disability, and homes with children that live in them stay warm.

Assistance for utility bills is targeted. This is a short term, crisis program in which funds are given to help pay for one bill or even a portion of one. Residents of Illinois can't apply month after month. In fact, if they are still struggling even after getting help, then more than likely the team at MidAmerican Energy Company will refer the customer to other sources of aid, such as LIHEAP.

Applications to MidAmerican Energy Company I CARE are processed year round, as funding allows. Since the donations come and go throughout the year, and the demand for utility bill help is high, the funds often “dry up”. This means that not every customer who applies for assistance receives it. Another key criteria is ensuring the household has taken steps to reduce their own personal usage of electricity, such as conservation.






In fact, I CARE will focus on those customers with an unexpected, exceptional financial hardship. Proof of this is needed as well, along with details on what has caused the crisis. Also, the company will want to see proof of conservation as well, such as a reduction in kilowatt hours used.

  • This means that senior citizens that may have a health risk (such as freezing during the winter) may qualify for help from this donation program for their heating bills.
  • Customers of MidAmerican Energy Company that are out of work for a short period of time (due to an illness) are also often candidates for utility bill assistance.
  • Other exceptions can be made by the company too, but the bottom line is there must be a major reason for the struggle.

If someone is not qualified for MidAmerican Energy Company I CARE, all is not lost. The customer service team will still refer the person to other local programs for paying electric or other utility bills. Some of those other options, such as LIHEAP, do not rely on donations so they may be more readily available. Call MidAmerican at 1-888-427-5632 for details to apply or contribute to MidAmerican Energy Company I CARE.


By: Jon McNamara


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