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Northshore Gas Share the Warmth utility bill assistance

The Northshore Gas Share the Warmth Program is the result of a cash donation program that is administered by the company, local non-profits, and the community. All of these groups are involved in collecting money from the public as well as employees, and the funds are then passed out as a form of assistance to pay utility bills.

Donors: There are funds coming from many sources. The public contributes money. Employees as well as management from Northshore Gas also contribute either a portion of their salary or company funds to help pay energy bills. There are also fund raisers held by a number of local agencies (e.g. churches, boy scout groups, etc.) and this money is also contributed as part of Northshore Gas Share the Warmth Program. Other donations can come from different sources too.

No matter who donates, all of the cash goes to keep the assistance program running. This means that 100% of the contributions go to pay some form of utility bill. It may be electric, heating, natural gas, or some other source. It is flexible in that regards.

Another key difference of Northshore Gas Share the Warmth Program when compared to government programs (such as LIHEAP) is that the funds stay in the local community. Donations are therefore strictly used by customers of Northshore Gas and no other companies. The money does not cross state borders either. This gives it the so called “Neighbor-helping-Neighbor” concept. Last but not least, donations are 100% tax deductible and any dollar amount is appreciated; whether it is 50 cents or $5. It all goes to help the less fortunate pay their energy bills.

Customers: Financial hardship can hit anyone. Whether a family is “middle class” or living in poverty, a missed paycheck or two can often cause a utility bill to be delinquent. If and when that happens, generous members as well as businesses in the Northshore Gas service territory have donated money to Sharing Program in an effort to help out.






There should never be any hesitation in applying for help. The entire reason for the program was to assist with keeping a smuggling's customers power on in a crisis. It is exactly that; an emergency program. As people realize that a financial hardship can occur to any hard-working family, so the Northshore Gas Share the Warmth Program program was created to serve as a back-stop.

All of the funding is offered as a last resort only. Applicants should expect only a small amount of money (if anything) if they are even approved. The money will go strictly to paying electric bills and no other costs. As all of the contributions are collected only for that reason, and the administrators of the program need to use the donations for that one use per the terms and conditions of Share the Warmth Program.

There are two main ways to get more information on Northshore Gas Share the Warmth Program. This will apply to anyone person (or business) seeking to donate as well as to anyone seeking to apply for help. The first way is to call a local social service agency, such as the Salvation Army. Another method is to call the company itself, and that phone number is 800-571-2332.



By: Jon McNamara


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