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Peoples Energy Corporation Share Warmth utility assistance

Customers can both donate to Peoples Energy Corporation Share Warmth or apply for one time assistance from it. The goal of the program is to help customers in a crisis pay their utility bills, with a focusing on ensuring the family members are able to have power in their home and stay safe. The main reason people or businesses contribute their hard earned income to the service is to help their neighbors with paying their energy costs, if they are facing a short term emergency.

It can't be stressed that this program is limited in scope and capacity. Any customer of Peoples Energy Corporation should not think of this donation service as being similar to government programs such as LIHEAP. In fact, only a small number of households may be able to receive assistance from Sharing the Warmth. However if not qualified, or if the donated money runs out, then the company will try to offer referrals.

Contributions to Peoples Energy Corporation Share Warmth can be made by anyone. There are individuals from across the state of Illinois service area that donate. Other contributions are made by local businesses or churches. The company itself also will not only tend to match the donations made from others (to increase the number of people supported) but also contribute some of their own money to the program.

Shareholders may from time to time donate some corporate funds for paying utilities, and that money too will go to Peoples Energy Corporation Share Warmth. Other funding may come from employees as well as management of the company. Anything provided is tax deductible.

All of these sources of funding are then combined into one resource that individuals can apply to for assistance. In order to receive financial aid for energy bills, the applicant needs to be facing a short term hardship. There must be an end point in visible in that Share Warmth will offer temporary assistance.

The customer will need to get back on track with paying their bills over a time defined period. Or they need to be waiting for other resources to begin, such as maybe LIHEAP or a disability payment. Only then may Peoples Energy Corporation Share Warmth be a valid option.






Many people who are assisted then also turn around at some future date and give back themselves. So if the household did have a short term emergency and they needed help for their heating bills for a week or so, and they resolve the crisis, many of them donate at that later date. Customers of Peoples Energy Corporation in Illinois appreciate the safeguard that Share Warmth allows and see the value in it. They then decide to help out the less fortunate themselves.

Another key benefit to Share Warmth is that the money can be combined with other programs. It is not exclusive. This means that not only can a client seek help with their utility bills from Peoples Energy Corporation, but they can also contact other local agencies or social service offices for help. This means that many options are available.

For more information on Peoples Energy Corporation Share Warmth, the company can be reached at 866-556-6001. As noted, if not qualified, then the customer service team may have other suggestions. Or for those seeking to make a tax deductible contribution to the program, they can be advised on that process too.


By: Jon McNamara


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