Utility Bill Assistance



Routt County LiftUp utility bill assistance program

Using monetary donations from the Routt County community, the LiftUp assistance programs provides various forms of financial help to struggling families. There may be funds to pay winter heating or year round utility bills. Or housing assistance, grants to help pay an electric bill deposit or reconnection fee, and other forms of financial help are offered in Routt County. The location is a thrift store but they also administer emergency low income energy bill assistance programs to those who are in need and qualify.

The population of Routt County is small and it is a rural community. LiftUp is one of the only (if not the only) charity type programs that pays energy bills. But of course, there are also state of Colorado as well as federal government assistance programs like LIHEAP.

Donations pay for the assistance programs from LiftUp

Households have a few critical needs. They include housing, food, and utilities. Everyone needs those (at minimum) for stability. LiftUp can help address all of them. They do this with contributions from the public.

Especially during the winter months, the need to stay warm and comfortable in Routt County is incredible. Too many lower income families, working poor, seniors or the disabled need a little extra help to pay their heating bills. This is when LiftUp is most effective – during the cold winter months.

LiftUp is not a means in itself. The assistance program can help pay energy bills (as well as other costs like transportation or housing), but it is not enough aid in itself. This is why the charity that runs LiftUp will also recommend the household call their utility company and inquire about payment plans or energy conservation measures. Or maybe the customer support team at the utility company can recommend other local resources in Routt County.





In addition, another great option in Routt County is LIHEAP. This is the federal government low income energy bill assistance program. It uses government funds (and not donations) to help pay for utility bills. It can be heating oil, propane, kerosene, gas, wood, or many other types. It is generally for very low income families or those living in or near poverty levels. Or inquire into weatherization, which is available in Colorado for the working poor and families in poverty. Maybe the best part of all this is the federal aid can be combined with LiftUp in Routt County.

To apply, donate, or learn about any assistance program (whether utility bill or even the food or medical care or anything) LiftUp is based at 2125 Curve Ct, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487. This is their main office as well as the thrift store. There may even be low cost space heaters or cooling box fans as well during the summer months. The intake phone number is (970) 870-0727.