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Save money on heating bills from Routine Furnace Maintenance.

While it does cost some money to do every year, the fact is that maintaining your furnace will save you money over the long haul. In addition, maintenance will also allow your unit to operate more efficiently, so it will actually help you save money on your heating costs. What are some of the other benefits of routine furnace maintenance? We have them listed below.

Maybe you've heard that it's wise to get your furnace tuned up every year. But does it really save you money? What are the true dollar and cents as well as other benefits of routine furnace maintenance, and do they outweigh the cost of an annual tune-up for your heating system?

What to Expect with Routine Furnace Maintenance

During a routine furnace maintenance checkup, a service technician will clean and inspects all aspects of your home heating system. The cost of a visit is generally under $100, unless an issue with the unit has been discovered. Note a annual contract may reduce that $100 expense. Regular furnace maintenance visits typically consist of:

•Cleaning the combustion chamber.
•Checking for damage, such as holes.
•Patching leaks in the flue or replacing a corroded one.
•Replacing your oil filter and air filter to ensure the ai in your home is clean, and this helps with blowers and energy usage.






•Adjusting the blower belt or replacing a worn belt.
•Adjusting and cleaning the burner.
•Lubricates moving parts so the unit is operating effectively.
•Checking the pilot.
•Vacuuming floor registers.
•Making recommendations or discussing any problems with you.
•Answering your questions on any operating the unit or “noises” you may hear.

How an Annual Furnace Tune-Up Benefits You

Annual maintenance cleans and conditions your furnace. Without it, your home heating system could be working inefficiently, for instance with a clogged or dirty filter. When it is inefficient, your utility bills will be higher. You'll enjoy better indoor air quality and a more efficient furnace with regular appointments.

As noted, annual tune-ups also decrease your home heating costs by boosting furnace efficiency. You'll soon recoup what you spent on the tune-up and start saving money every month.

In the long run, it costs you more to ignore your furnace than to schedule annual maintenance. The reason being during seasonal visits, a service technician makes the minor repairs that keep the system operating smoothly and in working order. If you overlook these fixes, it's more likely that a significant problem will occur, such as a carbon monoxide leak.

If you forego annual maintenance, your furnace will chug along until it quits working. You may be without heat during the middle of the winter or assessed a surcharge for night or weekend service on top of the cost of emergency furnace repair. If you don't have money saved for this, you'll need to use a credit card.

This inconvenience (and expense) could be avoided with annual maintenance since your service technician should estimate your furnace's remaining lifespan during a tune-up. If you'd had yearly service, you could have budgeted for the furnace replacement, lessening the financial sting when the unit fails.




Too many homeowners don't give a second thought to their home heating system until it breaks down, leaving them without heat when it's needed most. By scheduling your annual tune-up today, you'll ensure that any problems are found and fixed before you experience a heating emergency. You will also save some money each year on utility costs, which can help offset the maintenance expense. You'll enjoy continued heat all winter long, as well as peace of mind that's priceless.

By: Jon McNamara


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