Utility Bill Assistance


Southbury Needy Fund utility bill assistance

Residents of the Town of Southbury can get financial help from the Needy Fund. While it can pay a number of bills, one of them will be utility assistance. It can also provide other energy related needs (based on donations) such as warm clothes, AC units, heating oil and more. The fund uses donations from residents in the town, and the money is disbursed to qualified low income as well as struggling families in the community.

The program is also part of their Social Services programs. This means that the Needy Fund is but one option for struggling families in the community. Any money paid out from the Needy Fund can (and often is) combined with financial aid from Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), the Fuel Bank in Connecticut, Renters Rebate, Home Repairs, Food Bank help and more.

Needy Fund for paying energy bills in Southbury

First keep in mind the fund is limited. As it relies on donations. With the population of the town around 20,000, the Needy Fund often relies on donations from Stop and Shop, Pier 1, and other retailers. There are also churches that donate money to the Needy Fund, and those donations can also be used for paying utility bills. Church members may also hold bake sales, thrift stores, and use other means to raise money for energy bills.

Second, the Southbury Needy Fund operates year round. This means it can assist with paying a number of utility bills. Or covering related needs. Applications, as well as donations, can be made year round. The Needy Fund can help with some or all of the following, and they include:

  • Summer cooling.
  • Winter heating or gas.
  • Fans or AC units, or repairs to them.
  • Top off heating oil or fill a tank.
  • Year round electricity bills.
  • Clothes and other weather related supplies.





The Needy Fund can help pay other costs too. It is not strictly a utility bill assistance program. So for example, maybe a fan can be provided to a senior to keep their home cool during the summer. Or free winter clothes to keep a family warm during the winter.  The point being that the Needy Fund can address energy needs or really any other challenges a resident of the town of Southbury may have.

Applying to the Needy Fund

The Southbury Town Hall is the place to go. Once again, social workers or customer support will assess all the residents needs. They can provide food, warm clothes, AC units or fans, space heaters, Housing rehabilitation and more. The town will also assess the possibility of grants to pay utility bills from CEAP or maybe free weatherization measures. A number of options will be assessed.

For details on the Needy Fund, or other financial aid for utility bills or to donate to the program, the Southbury Town Hall is at 501 Main Street South in Southbury Connecticut 06488. Dial 203-262-0600 for information.