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Springfield City Water Light and Power Project Relief utility assistance

Using donations from the community as well as employee contributions, the Springfield City Water Light and Power Project Relief program can be turned to in a crisis. There may be small amounts of assistance provided for paying utility and/or heating bills. This form of support, when combined with payment plans and conservation tips, can be effective at keeping the power on.

Springfield City Water Light and Power Project Relief shows the generosity of the community. Donations keep it running come from many hard-working families. They use this tool in order to give back to the community and to help the less fortunate pay their energy bills. People contribute at their own free will and they have zero obligation to do so, and Fifth Street Renaissance is a key partner of the program.

The fact that Springfield City Water Light and Power Project Relief is set up also shows that the company is doing what it can to offer help for utilities. This is reflected in the fact they they will often contribute to it as well. This is done by matching the donations from the previously mentioned individuals/families. Not only will Springfield City Water Light and Power match donations to some extent, but employees and management will often make their own individual contributions from their paychecks.

All of the money raised goes to assist with heating, gas, electric, and other energy bills. This is only for residential customers and donations are not used to help a business account. In addition to that, when someone decides to contribute, they can donate as much or as little as they want. Whether it is $1, $5, or $100, that money will go to help the less fortunate.

When applying for assistance for electric/heating bills, Springfield City Water Light and Power Project Relief is only available as a last resort. As examples of this, maybe it will help someone that used up their LIHEAP benefits for that month. Or it can help pay utility bills while waiting on a grant from a charity or another benefit. Another use may be to keep the lights on for a family that has falling sick or has a medical crisis. The applicant also needs to have a total household income less than 150% of Federal Government Poverty Guidelines.






Every single penny paid out is the result of donations from the community. This puts even more focus on the administering agencies to ensure that the proper people get funds and that individuals that have lived frivolously or that caused their own hardship may not be assisted. There is even more focus on eliminating abuse as well as fraud from the application process. The program is taking very seriously as Springfield City Water Light and Power appreciates the fact that people make contributions of their hard earned paychecks.

There will always be priority given as well. The Springfield City Water Light and Power Project Relief donation program will not assist people that have a past history of having their power cut off, or utility bill assistance is not given to people that do not conserve or waster their power (this can be determined by analyzing past bills). Instead the money goes to customers that are faced with a financial crisis that they did not cause.

When applying (or to contribute), the company can be reached at 789-2414 or call Fifth Street Renaissance. Note that money for paying utility bills from Springfield City Water Light and Power Relief will require proof of income, residency, details on the crisis, and more supporting information. The customer service team can provide more information.



By: Jon McNamara


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