Utility Bill Assistance


Town of Westport and Weston Warm Up Fund

Learn how Town of Westport and Weston Warm Up Fund uses donations to provide emergency utility bill assistance to a small number of customers. Or learn below how to contribute to the program and help those that are less fortunate to pay their energy bills. More information on the Warm Up Fund program, how to apply or contribute, as well as other options are noted below.

Created in the early 1990s in an effort to help struggling customers, the program is just one of the ways to get assistance for energy costs. It is often the last option that a family that lives in Town of Westport and Weston, and they should look into. In fact, before applying for heating or utility bill help from the Warm Up Fund donation service, the applicant needs to have used every other resources available to them, including LIHEAP, charities, their personal savings, and other forms of financial aid.

Applications to the program are processed by either the company or a local non-profit organization. Both of these entities may screen families seeking assistance. They want to ensure that any funds allocated for paying utility bills go to the most deserving. This is doubly important due to the fact that the service is strictly paid for using donations from the public.

This means that Town of Westport and Weston Warm Up Fund funds are for customers that have proof of income as well as that are facing a one time crisis. Maybe the applicant had a medical emergency, or the primary wage earner unexpectedly passed away. Or maybe a child or elderly member of the home has a major health scare, such as cancer. These are but some of the reasons that funds from Warm Up Fund may be provided.

As noted, Town of Westport and Weston Warm Up Fund relies on the generosity of the community. There are many businesses that donate money to keep it operating. Cash donations also come from individuals across the state of Connecticut. Other donors include church groups, social service agencies, the Salvation Army, and many others. Each one of these people (or groups) want to give back to the community by contributing money.






In addition to all of those sources of funds, contributions also come from the employees as well as management at the company. They have programs that can both match other funds given to Warm Up Fund or they hold their own fund raisers. These tools are used to help encourage the growth of the program.

Anyone can donate. Make a small dollar, one time contribution or enter into a monthly Round Up type service, which will add incrementally to the program by rounding up the monthly utility bill to a whole dollar amount. That extra is then given to the service and then recycled back into the community in the form of assistance. So there are different ways to give back.

For more information on Town of Westport and Weston Warm Up Fund (either for donations or applications) contact the Weston number at 203-226-9178 or Westport at 203-227-1743. Or call a local social service agency for advice. Always be sure to inquire about all resources too (e.g. LIHEAP as well), not just the Warm Up Fund.