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Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative WORKS utility bill assistance

The utility bill assistance programs available from Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative are extensive. Not only are their payment plans and referrals to LIHEAP, but another lesser known option is WORKS grants, which uses donations from Kare and Share to help the less fortunate. This energy assistance program, which was created by the Board of Directors, is but one of the many options available for struggling families.

The service is unique in some ways. First and foremost, it relies on cash donations from the community. Due to this generosity of people, charities, and even local businesses, that is the only reason the utility bill assistance program exists. So that is one big difference in it.

Another way it differs is that it is discretionary and that Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative WORKS is only available as a last resort. No one is entitled to receiving energy or light bill assistance from it. In fact, due to the limited donations, many applications need to be denied. But even if the customer does not get financial help, they can still turn to other regional and national utility bill assistance programs.

Applying to Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative WORKS and donating to it

All of the applications for assistance need to be submitted to customer service at the Cooperative. They also review them to determine who is qualified and how much assistance they may be given to pay their utility bills. There are many factors that are considered, including (but not limited to) the following.

-Total household income, including from all household members and all sources.
-Total amount of money available, as the donations available from Kare and Share as a form of utility bill assistance are limited.






-Does the applicant to Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative WORKS have an extreme hardship they did not cause, such as medical illness, short term disability, death of a spouse, or unexpected job loss?
-Has the customer paid past utility bills (or most of them) on time?
-Were all payment plans and LIHEAP grants used for to pay energy bills?
-Will there be a health or medical crisis if the customer loses their heat or lights?
-Is the customer a senior citizen, disabled, or is there a young child at home who is at risk if the power were to be shut off?

Other factors can be reviewed as well. Those tend to be some of the standard criteria. As noted, any utility bill assistance available from Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative WORKS is both (1) very limited and (2) targeted for specific needs. The customer service team at Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative will go over all of the criteria to receiving assistance.

As noted, the program does use donations. Any dollar amount will be used to only pay utility bills. One hundred percent of what is collected goes to help qualified low income customers pay their utility bills. If someone contributes, they will also be given an income tax deduction from the federal and/or state government. The Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative WORKS assistance program both provides emergency energy bill help and also allows people to give back to those who are less fortunate.

For more information on the assistance program, the main phone number to dial is 618-842-2196. The customer service staff are a resource. They can both go through the donation process, help people apply for assistance, discuss payment plans, or work with the caller on their questions as well as any energy problems they may have.



By: Jon McNamara


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