Utility Bill Assistance


Yampa Valley Electric Caring Consumers utility bill assistance programs.

Just one of the many utility bill assistance programs available to struggling customers is Yampa Valley Electric Caring Consumers. This option is combined with other forms of financial support, ranging from payment plans to free energy conservation measures. Not only can struggling customers apply to Caring Consumers, but (when the time is right) they can give back and donate to it. Or really any customer of Yampa Valley Electric can contribute to this program, and 100% of the money raised goes to help pay bills.

The program is paid for using donations and contributions. The funds come from many different sources, ranging from customers to employees of the company. All of the donations (100% of the money collected) goes to pay utility bills, with the money staying local. It is often used by customers in your local community, so the concept is Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

In addition to contributions maybe coming from customers, employees and others, there are also matching grants from Yampa Valley Electric (YVEA). This is what their foundation does. This means the company, using corporate funds, increases the total value of the money collected so that more people can be assisted. They may match the Yampa Valley Electric Caring Consumers donations only up to a certain dollar amount though.

Applications to Yampa Valley Electric Caring Consumers

In an effort to help customers keep their lights, power, and electricity on, the program pays out 100% of the donations to struggling households. This means every single cent and dollar collected, no matter the amount, is used for paying energy bills as well as other costs.






All sorts of accounts are covered by the emergency assistance programs program. This means that heat, gas, light, propane, wood, kerosene or whatever fuel source is used by the homeowner or tenant can be paid for. But there needs to be some type of emergency in order to apply for the Caring Consumers donation program.
The type of crisis can include, but is not limited to, loss of job or income, or maybe an unexpected medical emergency. There can be the death of a spouse or loved on, maybe a divorce, or the death of a child. Any crisis, which is unexpected and unplanned for, may qualify for the Yampa Valley Electric Caring Consumers utility bill assistance donation program.

As indicated, the program is often combined with other forms of help. This can be a payment plan, referrals to government aid including LIHEAP, charitable programs, and any other number of resources. The fact is that Yampa Valley Electric Caring Consumers is limited in funds as well as scope, with only a small number of customers able to get assistance. Even when found qualified, the amount of money (or credits) paid out will be minimal as it does rely on donations.

There are multiple places to apply at for the Yampa Valley Electric Caring Consumers program. They include the following. One is to call a local social service office such as Salvation Army. The next is to call the company itself by dialing 970-871-2231.