Utility Bill Assistance


Assistance and help in Mississippi with cooling and utility bills.

Find how to get help paying utility, light, and AC bills in Mississippi. The state and federal government provides short and long term assistance, however most of their aid is for very low income families or seniors. In addition to that option, there are utility companies specific programs that can help, such as payment plans, donation services (that also pay energy bills) and much more. Find details on all the resources below.

Government programs for low income energy in Mississippi

Government assistance programs
The nations leading programs for assisting low income families, seniors, and older individuals is known as LIHEAP. Tens of thousands of families across Mississippi receive utility and cooling bill assistance from the program every year. Click here for details.

Weatherization is also offered in the state of Mississippi. It too is federal government funded. However this one helps families save money on their bills through free conservation and other measures. It is effective in many ways as it can help a home become more energy efficient, sealed, and it comes with other benefits.

Utility bill help from utility companies in Mississippi

Most utility, gas, and electric companies help struggling customers too. A list of them, as well as their programs, are below.





Atmos Energy
This company also offers financial assistance as well. They have a share the warmth donation programs that helps pay gas bills. It is run in partnership with community action agencies. More on Atmos Mississippi Share the Warmth assistance program.

Columbus Light and Water
A program is run with a charity called Helping Hands. Together they offer funds for paying light and/or electric bills. It is a donation service, so it relies on the greater Mississippi community. Read more.

Entergy Mississippi - Helping Hands
This assistance program has a goal of weatherizing over 100 homes with techniques to lower utility and cooling bills, such as weather-stripping, replacing old windows and doors, plugging up drafts, and caulking. Entergy Mississippi conducts training and purchases all the necessary materials for volunteer organizations that provide the labor. 1-800-368-3749. Learn more.

The company also offers Power to Care. This donation program will provide assistance with utility bills to lower income seniors or disabled customers in Mississippi. The funding is for a crisis only. Read more.

Entergy 1-800-368-3749
Beat The Heat
Entergy Mississippi's yearly campaign distributes fans to utility customers throughout its 45-county service territory.





Mississippi Power
Will waive the monthly base charge ($0.46 per day) for qualified elderly and low-income customers.

Mississippi Power
This utility company, which is a Southern Company, offers a few different assistance programs. Read more.

Mississippi Power - Project Share
Provides emergency help and assistance with bills to disabled and elderly who need help with paying their energy and utility bills. While it relies on donations, the Project SHARE program is administered by the American Red Cross. More on Project SHARE donation program.

Tupelo Energy Cares
Up to $100 dollars may be provided to help pay utility bills. The funds are limited as donations pay for the program. but the company will assist struggling customers when possible with their energy or utility bills. Read more.