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Find utility bill help and assistance in New Mexico

Bernalillo County - There are several assistance programs and charities that offer them in this county. They include Home Education Livelihood Program, St. Vincent De Paul, and Silver Horizons. Another service is Good Neighbor, which is a donation program.

St. Vincent De Paul is a Roman Catholic organization that provides assistance with paying for all utility bills. The Home Education Livelihood Assistance Program provides utility bill assistance and other help, such as funds for rent and even groceries. In addition, Bernalillo County residents who are age 60 and older can receive assistance for paying for a variety of bills including heating, water, and utility bills.

Last, but not least, is Good Neighbor. This is for any low income Bernalillo County New Mexico resident who is behind on their utility bills, with most funds going to pay PNM bills. It can help them keep their electricity on. Read more.

El Paso Electric - The Project Care assistance program was created by grants and funds contributed from New Mexico customers and utility companies themselves. It is managed by the El Paso County General Assistance program, and can help customers with an emergency situation. Grants are provided to help individuals and families in New Mexico with paying for utility bills. Learn more.

New Mexico Gas - The company takes part in the HEAT New Mexico assistance program. This will use donations from the community and individuals. All money raised goes to help pay heating as well as natural gas bills, with exceptions possible on a case by case basis for other utilities. Read more.

Storehouse West - This is a utility bill assistance program and also assists with paying other energy bills. The assistance program is available to aid Sandoval County New Mexico residents with paying for utility bills.






Public Service Company of New Mexico - The Good Neighbor Fund, which is similar to a charity, assists lower income families in New Mexico with paying for utility, wood, gas, and propane bills from November to May of each year. The program will run until all funds and cash grants are used up from the various aid groups. Read more on this program.


By: Jon McNamara


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