Utility Bill Assistance



Tennessee programs to provide assistance with utility bills.

Low income or struggling families in Tennessee can get help with paying their utility bills. There are governmenbt grants for the poor and low income, payment plans for electric or heating bills, free energy conservation programs and other forms of assistance available. Find options below.

Each utility company or charity has their own application process and of course funds are limited. For those that qualify though there will be emergency funds to help them pay air conditioning (during summer), winter heating, or utility bills year round. Conservation measures are generally included too.

Federal and state of Tennessee low income energy bill assistance programs

The Tennessee Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, known as LIHEAP, is a 100% federally funded assistance program provided through a grant offered by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. LIHEAP will provides funds to help pay bills to the states to help meet the utility costs of low-income eligible elderly as well as disabled adults.

The program is administered through contracts provided to a network of 19 established local, nonprofits as well as government agencies. All of the organizations are are experienced in providing energy and utility bill assistance programs.





The LIHEAP program currently services more than 60,000 Tennessee households each year, however that number is based on funding. The assistance provided is in the form of a payment to the home energy provider or the utility company. Read more on LIHEAP.

Help from utility and energy companies

Appalachian Power - Offers the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Assistance Program that helps families in Tennessee with heating and utility bills. More Appalachian Power Neighbor program.

Atmos Energy - Sharing the Warmth company donations are combined with donations from customers in Tennessee to help people pay their gas and utility bills. More details.

Athens Utility Board -  The Warm Neighbors Program from the Athens Utility Board partners with Coordinated Charities of McMinn County. Using resources from both organizations, this assistance program will assist those in need with maintaining their utility service without interruption. Read more.

Brownsville customers can get help from the Project Share Program. This local utility company accepts donations from the public and 100% of the funds contributed go towards helping less fortunate customers in their service territory. Electric, AC, heat, and other bills can be paid. Read more information.

City of Dayton has a Utility Bill Grant program. In partnership with local service agencies, and using donations, some short term utility bill help may be offered. Learn more on utility bill help from City of Dayton.

Lenoir City Utility Board, or LCUB, provides utility bill help from Neighbor Aid. The program is run in the city and county in partnership with the Good Samaritan Center. The financial help is combined with energt saving measures. More information on LCUB utility bill help from Neighbor Aid.





CUB - Clinton Utilities Board and Operation Round up is used for emergencies. There may be some funds for paying heating bills, money to stop a utility disconnection, and other financial aid. Learn more.

Community Action Groups - These are organizations that provide cash grants and funds to help Tennessee residents pay their utility bills. Learn more.

The town and city of Humboldt provides help. It is only for struggling customers who receive their power from the company. Financial assistance is offered to pay utility bills from a donation services. Read more on Humboldt Utilities assistance programs.

Johnson City Hand Up energy bill assistance is run in partnership with the Salvation Army and Good Samaritan ministry. Donated funds are used to help low income families pay their utilities or to keep their heat on. Learn more.

LaFollette Utilities Caring Neighbors - This energy assistance programs is run in partnership with local agencies. The donated funds are used for paying electric bills, lighting costs, heat, and other utilities as well. More information.

Memphis Light Gas and Water and the On Track assistance program.
This is a payment program that has been designed to help residents with limited incomes to pay off their bills and manage debt over a period of time. This help program focuses on education, social services, and financial management. To qualify for this program any customers must have a steady, but limited, income and also owe more than $500 to MLGW. Participants in the program may receive Extended Payment Plans to help pay bills for up to three years; minor home repairs and maintenance for homeowners; and their utility deposit credited back to the account after completion of program.

Memphis Light Gas and water also offers Energy Smart Memphis and the Plus-1 program.
Participants in this year long program will receive in-depth energy conservation training and eligible customers will also have weatherization improvements made to their residence. The Plus-1 program is an aid program that is managed by by the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA). Its goal is to help pay utility services for people in need. Read more.

Nashville Electric, or NES - The company provides assistance from Project Help. This is financial aid for very low income customers and seniors, and the donated funds can be used for paying utility or heating bills during the winter months. Read more.

Neighbor to Neighbor Fund - This is an utility bill assistance fund that collects contributions from local business and customers. All donations go into an assistance fund that is used to assist others with paying their utility bills in times of need. Continue.

Project Help

  • Cumberland Electric Member Corporation. This company offers several assistance programs. Read more.
  • Duck River Electric Member Corporation. There is only assistance for seniors and the disabled in Tennessee. Learn more.
  • Holston Electric Cooperative,
  • Jackson Energy Authority,
  • Knoxville Utilities Board,
  • Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative,
  • Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation,
  • Morristown Utility Systems,
  • Nashville Electric Service,
  • Newport Utilities,
  • Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation,
  • Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation. Read more on their assistance program.





All of the above companies offer this assistance program. It will help defray emergency energy and heating bills for those who are struggling, elderly and disabled members as well as anyone else who is not economically self-sufficient. It buys natural gas, electricity, kerosene, home heating oil, and wood for people who need temporary help paying utility bills.

Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative - The SVECares program assists worthy causes and individuals with a variety of bills.

Trenton Light & Water - The Plus One Program will assist the handicapped, elderly, and lower income families in Tennessee with their energy and utility bills.

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