Utility Bill Assistance


Maryland utility bill assistance programs and electric bill help

The Maryland OFFICE OF HOME ENERGY PROGRAMS (OHEP) will provide assistance to lower income Maryland residents and help them pay their heating bills, make energy costs more affordable, and minimize heating crises. Read more.

The Maryland ELECTRIC UNIVERSAL SERVICE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EUSP) is a state funded program that is administered by the Maryland Department of Human Resources. This program will assist qualified low-income electric customers with paying their electric bills. Utility bill assistance is available whether you are you are currently without service or are an active customer. Eligible electric customers may receive help in multiple ways, including :

  • Help with paying their current electric bills;
  • Help to pay late, past due electric bills; and,
  • And also assistance with energy saving and efficiency measures which will help lower future electric bills.

The Maryland WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (WAP) may provide assistance in the form of home weatherization services to eligible individuals. Help can include weather stripping, plastic window covering, caulking, etc. to help help make your apartment or home more fuel efficient and comfortable, all at no cost to you.

Maryland Energy Assistance Program - This is another resources that people can turn to for utility bill assistance. It will pay for about 25 percent of a household’s heating bills. Continue.






The UTILITY SERVICE PROTECTION PROGRAM (USPP) will help protect low-income families from utility cutoffs and it will also allow MEAP qualified households to enter into a year-round, “even” monthly payment program with their electric company. An equal monthly payment plan that is based on the estimated cost of the utility customer's average annual utility bill minus the provided MEAP benefit will be used to determine the even, averaged monthly payments for participation in the USPP.

Allegheny Power - The Community Energy Fund provides both emergency utility and heating bill assistance for fuel sources including gas, electricity, kerosense, wood, and heating fuel oil. Read more.

Baltimore Gas and Electric - Customer Assistance Maintenance Program (CAMP) will provide additional credits for heating and utility bills for those who have applied for the Universal Service Protection Program.

Additional programs are offered by BGE as well, including a customer donation fund. Low income customers and others who are at risk may qualify for assistance with paying their utilities. More details.

Chesapeake Utilities - The company operates a Sharing program for the disabled, elderly, and individuals with an exceptional hardship. Using donations from the community, there is money to pay heating costs and other utility bills. Read more.

Columbia Gas - The HeatShare program will give utility bill cash grants to Maryland families that need help restoring service to terminated utility accounts or that need help paying old utility bills. Learn more.

They are also part of the Dollar Energy Program. Struggling Columbia Gas customers can look into that heating and utility bill assistance program as well. It is one more available resource when facing a crisis. Read more.

Delmarva Power (Conectiv) - Good Neighbor Fuel Fund provides utility bill assistance. Low income families can get help with their electric bills, depending on the level of donations. Click here.

Fuel Fund of Central Maryland, Inc. - Assists families with paying heating bills, if the families use heating oil or any other fuel sources.

Potomac Edison operates the Community Energy Fund. Donations, as well as 50% matching grants from the company, go to help low income Maryland customers pay their monthly energy bills, both in the winter and year round. Read more.

Southern Maryland Electric Coop - The Tri-County Fuel Fund provides help with paying winter heating bills. Only small dollar amounts will be issued. Read more.




Washington Gas - Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF) helps pay utility and heating bills.

Washington Gas Light Company - Offers the Residential Essential Service (RES) program which provides discounts and savings to those families that are current on their winter gas and heating bills.

The Victorine Q. Adams Fuel Fund - Offers up to 100 gallons of free fuel oil, and will also provide grants to help families in need turn their service back on if it was shut off.


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